Book Review: Nights of Rain and Stars

images-4By Maasi Saba

Book: Nights of Rain and Stars
Author: Maeve Binchy
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 400
Rating: 3.5/5

One of my favorite writers is the Irish author, Maeve Binchy. She writes beautiful, clean novels that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if my daughter picked up and started reading. Most of her novels take place in Ireland. One can picture the loches, greenery, mountains and the small towns with great detail.

This particular novel is set in a small, fictitious village of Aghia Anna in Greece. Nights of Rain and Stars is about one summer and four strangers, with nothing in common but a need to escape.  These strangers from Ireland, America, Germany and England, have each left their homes and their old lives; each with a life in turmoil, when a shocking tragedy throws them unexpectedly together. Fiona is a young nurse, trying to make her family understand her need to follow her own path, even if it involves Shane the drug dealer. Thomas, a professor, can handle his divorce, but not the thought of sharing his son with another man. He misses his young son and fears that his ex-wife will come between them. Elsa abruptly left her career as a television presenter in Germany, but someone from her past refuses to let her go. And shy, quiet David is determined to make a stand against his overbearing father.

With these four is Andreas, the tavern owner, where they all first meet. He badly misses the son who left home nine years ago and has never returned. There is also Vonnie, a middle-aged Irish woman who lives in the village and is now a near native. With Vonnie’s help, the tourists gradually begin to realize how they must solve their problems, even though they may resent her at times. Though Vonnie helps them all understand their problems, she makes a mess of her own life.

As light rain falls on this village, strangers come together to become the closest of friends. This novel is beautifully written, and takes you away to a wonderful place. After turning the last page, I felt as if a good friend had moved away. I wanted to continue reading about these life long friends. Try and get a copy of this novel, you will truly enjoy it as much as I did.


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