Keeping Occupied is the Key!


clipart-children-clip-art-playing-children-318357By Maasi Javeria

Many mothers or shall I say almost all mothers complain their kids don’t listen to them or they are always busy with their gadgets. If we look closely it’s not children who are at fault, but us Parents! Simply keeping a child busy with indoor activities strains their growth and eyesight.

First of all, please understand that we don’t need to make our kids join any fancy club or sports area for their recreation, which will be tiring for the mother n heavy on pocket as well.

Start with your own house Girls!! Make good use of your balconies, lawns or even small terraces.

Make it attractive, prepare a picnic basket, put some jellos n kiddy burgers or sandwiches or their favourite chocolate chip cookies, preferably home made. No healthy food panicking! It’s fun time not killing the fun time!!! REMEMBER. Play with them or have them imitate favourite characters of their choice; you can be the Villain of course! [They already think we are!]


And what’s more, you can keep an eye on them at the same time. See what I mean by playing evil? It’s more satisfying for a kid to feel, “my mother is a part of my activity”. Which starts a healthy, strong base for the mother n child relationship.


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