“Wuthering Heights” : The book or the movie?


By Maasi Maryam

A story of love and revenge,of passion and some haunting characters, Wuthering Heights is as dark and sombre as where it takes place, the Thrushcross Grange. If you like the fairy tale happy endings, it’s certainly not for you, yet once you start turning the pages it won’t let you come out of its vicious circle unless you’ve read it all.

Heathcliff’s suffering at the Earnshaws makes him cruel and threatening to say the least, and to top it up, his over vaulting pride turns him into a misconceived romantic. In spite all of that, he still is able to retain sympathy for certain characters and why, we won’t say as it would be a spoiler for those who’d like to read the book.

However mommies, if you feel too lazy to get your hands on the book, try watching one of the decent versions like Johnny Depp has, yup we’re talking about the legendary hero of The Pirates of the Caribbean. Here’s his take on it …

“Am I a romantic? I’ve seen Wuthering Heights ten times. I’m a romantic”.

Though no movie can do justice I’m afraid, let’s just say it’s the second best choice.

Wuthering Heights is an aesthetic perfection of love and revenge where the characters’ affections transcend above the material standards of intimacy. This masterwork by Bronte does not depend on heroes or heroines to charm the reader. It is a gripping and addictive thriller ride with all the highs and lows felt by the characters. Wuthering Heights is tangled, raging and wild, a literary work ahead of its time. The novel breaks the conventional barriers of a Classic and still considered as one…. and that is exactly why it should be read , if you still haven’t.


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