My Mom and Her Gardening Adventures!

By Maasi Muna

Hello All!

You all must be busy preparing the kids for their finals; Good luck to you all! Okay so since mother’s day just passed and all I just thought I’d tell you all a little bit about my mom.

My beautiful mom is an avid gardener and my Mom’s garden is one of the best personally maintained gardens I have seen. Of course she doesn’t do it all by herself physically, she has the Maali (gardener) do the dirty work! She grew these lovely pink roses and then named them after my two siblings and I, mother’s love!!


While visiting a local nursery in Karachi, she found strawberry saplings, bought some for under rupees 50 each. She placed them in a pot; put the pot in a basket made out of coconut skin and hung them in shade.


The strawberry plants were watered twice a day without flooding, and personally, I think my lovely mom communicated with saplings as well. Va Va Voom….! Couple of days and strawberries sprouted and my Mom’s garden suddenly started looking all springy. Now I was under the impression that the growing strawberries in Spring time was difficult, but according to a Parsi friend, residing in Karachi, the berries can very well grow in temperate climate.


So girls if you’re into gardening please do try and let me know how your strawberry growing experience was! And for more small garden ideas, keep watching this space.



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