Oh the Dreaded Month of May!

By Maasi Saba


Today would have been a wonderful day. First at a birthday party for an adorable little person, and then it would have been amazing if we were able to use the water slides or enjoy the man made waves at Oasis to cool down from the heat wave we had today. But alas, we could not. Why?! Because it’s the month of May!


It’s crunch time! Finals!! Exams!! As my husband would say, eat, breathe, and only study in May! May madness! All due to the kids exam. That’s the life we live, us mothers. When April came along, most of us started to revise, and if our kids weren’t in the mood, we let them have the afternoon free because there was still time. When we, ourselves, weren’t in the mood, we allowed a day of no revision. It’s April after all! There is plenty of time.

Well, April is over! And the dreaded month of May is amongst us! And I’m not comfortable with the fact that in a few days time, my children will be sitting for their final exam. It could be my own nerves, or to be honest, we haven’t finished all the course work yet. And the heat is making me even lazier.


I had thought us Maasis would be able to help other mothers with our limited knowledge of studying tips and healthy revitalising snacks to boost up our kids and ourselves during the exam time. But I’m sorry to say, that it doesn’t seem too probable now. Any free time is spent making some worksheets or just trying to have a few normal minutes not thinking of anything except the sounds of all the kids complaining at once. We wanted to help make your and our own lives a bit less stressful. But, I personally, am too stressed to think of anything good for you all.

So I apologise for this month of craziness. We will try to make your lives more interesting next month Inshallah.

Preparing for Ramadan, and Special Prayers, and Iftars.

See you guys soon!


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