Household Items do the Trick

By Maasi Saba

I am addicted to Pinterest.  My sister kept telling me to try it when I was on bed rest during my last pregnancy.  At first I wasn’t interested, but she persisted and said that I would really enjoy it.  It’s been over two years and my kids tease me every time they see me using my phone for too long.


One of the things that has amazed me is that people are using simple items found in the house to either remove stains, or for personal hygiene.  With children, stains just add up.  And I must say mothers, using the liquid max soap on stains is my new favorite thing. So far, it has taken out black board marker stains off of new white shirts. And don’t forget our greasy food stains, either from cooking or from eating. The fronts of our shirts are forever dotted. With my trusty old toothbrush in tow, i use some of the liquid soap on the stains and let it sit for while, and then use the brush. Sometimes you can’t see if it worked the first time, because of the soap suds, but when its doubtful, dab a little more and Inshallah!!! the stains will be gone. So far so good, but I am not promising anyone anything. Just something you all can try. And remember, if you put the washed clothes in the dryer, or iron them without realising that the stain hasn’t been removed, well, it will take much longer to remove. Sometimes, those stains won’t go away. Sorry, but nothing so far is fool proof.  


Another thing I learned was the many uses of Listerine mouth wash. It’s not just for your teeth anymore. Two things that intrigued me was that people claimed it removed all the dead skin from the soles of their feet and mothers claimed it helped get rid of lice from their daughters’ hair. I have yet to soak my feet in some warm water and Listerine.

15210953311_f013a212a0_bHaven’t been able to sit idle for a while to try this particular claim, but will do so soon.  But I did try it on my daughter’s hair.  Up until last year, we never had this problem. Now, it’s a constant reoccurrence which annoys me! One of the bloggers stated that she and her husband tried Listerine on their blonde daughters’ hair and wrapped it in cling film for more than 1/2 hour. They then combed and washed hair with water to remove the mouth wash. Then proceeded to douse hair with apple cider vinegar and wrapped the hair again for more than 1/2 hour and combed hair again. Afterwards, they washed hair with shampoo and said that the eggs, and nits were all gone. They had pointed out that using the blue Listerine which has mint flavoring was the reason why the nits suffocated and died. They supposedly don’t like the smell of mint. And everyone knows that vinegar is so strong that sometimes it makes people gag just smelling it. (Seems like it has the same affect on lice).  

So once every few weeks, I put some blue Listerine in a spray bottle (you don’t need much, so the one bottle will stay with you for a long time), and spray my daughter’s hair starting from top of head, to roots, and then to the tips. Make sure you put a towel around her shoulder’s as it makes clothes a bit sticky. Once her hair is completely saturated, i put it up with a clip and wrap her head with cling film. She does her own thing for about an hour, and then I comb her hair and things come out, which i choose not to discuss. By this time, she is not in a good mood, so I can never try step 2 in this procedure. Her hair smells nice and minty, another thing she does not like. But, oh well, at least her hair is clean!! She can deal with the smell! I comb her hair again after she has washed it, and nothing comes out with the comb, I haven’t been able to find the perfect comb that will take the eggs out as well, but that is where our hands and nails come in. LOL!  A mother’s job is “ALL HANDS ON!” I do check her hair daily for a few days, then I get lazy. When I get lazy is when they start popping up again. So again, we have to start the entire process. But it works. And all the things needed are usually available at home. So if needed, try it. It might work for you too.  

Yes, this was an embarrassing thing to talk about, but it happens all the time during school. And I know many of you go through this same problem. There are many other ways of dealing with lice, so please do share any tip. Like my friend Mehnaz said, 2 drops of tea tree oil from Body Shop will also do the trick!

Happy sharing!


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