Clothing Tags- Part 1

By Maasi Saba

Its summer time, and with schools finally closed for the school year, I finally have time to shop. There are sales everywhere these days, but only the people who are always out and about, profit from them. I, on the other hand, usually end up going when all the good items have been sold. It’s just my luck. I guess I am not a shopaholic. For the past few years, I have noticed some changes from our local amazing brands, such as Khaadi, Kayseria, Outfitters, ChenOne, etc. If any of you had noticed, their tags have changed. It not only says “Dry Clean ONLY.” I usually hate those words. I only like to read them on my formal outfits, not my everyday, or “going out” outfits. Who wants to dry clean their clothes on a daily basis? And who, reading this post, has a good dry cleaner who hasn’t ruined any item of theirs. I have gotten some things back from the dry cleaners and wonder what it had originally looked like. Because it looks different, in size, shape, and color. So I avoid them like the plague. Someone recommend a good dry cleaner in Lahore please. 

Anyway, my point here is that the tags on many clothing items have become informative, and more to cater to our needs. Things like how to wash them, how they were made, and a cute/interesting tag. I like these things. I remember when I had my first child and buying baby clothing was an amazing feeling. The tags and the adorable hangers or little accessory they added was an added bonus. Maybe it’s the artsy person inside that looks for these little things. A while back, I had bought my little one a few things from Outfitters. Their tags didn’t just have the price on it, it told me that I could wash these items in the machine if I was just careful to mind dark colors to be washed separately, and to not dry in direct sunlight. As a new mother many years ago, sometimes my brain wasn’t working properly and I would just throw things in the machine because you can never have enough clean clothes for a baby/toddler. 

The reason why I bring this up, is because living abroad, many don’t hand wash their clothes, it either goes in the washing machine and then into the dryer, or it goes directly to the dry cleaners. Having given gifts to many people, I would occasionally hear about items getting ruined after first wash. Our colors are more strong and permanent, and our stitching and embellishments are stitched to perfection.  I truly believe that our products could give major top designers a run for their money! Inshallah very soon “Made in Pakistan” will be a desired item for many. 


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