Royalty Cards

By Maasi Saba


One of the most exciting things about shopping for me these days is being able to use my royalty cards. I have a few from some of my favorite shops like Kayseria, Nishat Linen, Khaadi, and Crossstitch. They are beloved items in my wallet. Since my hubby won’t let me have any credit cards, these shiny cards do the trick. I shop, I add the points, I save them up, and eventually, I CAN BUY SOMETHING REALLY CHEAP, OR FOR FREEEEE!!! It’s truly an amazing feeling. Those items then become my favorite pieces because they were free, or next to nothing. (I know many of you are smiling right now because you feel the same!)

And the best part of them?! THEY ARE HUSBAND FRIENDLY! No bill, no trail to be left for him to find out! The cashier just asks if you would like to add the points or use them. And voila! It’s a done transaction. There are benefits of shopping. ACCUMULATE POINTS! GET SOMETHING FOR NEXT TO NOTHING. Doesn’t it make you happy? I know it makes me smile as I leave the shop. I wish more brands would take part in this.


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