Lawn Fever

12440629_1739689572927931_3811211954775163078_oIts that time of year where we are lurking around the corner to see who has the best lawn suit, unstitched or stitched.  Pakistan has come a long way in the retail business.  So many different brands, so many different colors, but, they seem to be all copying each other.  I love the digital prints, but everyones designs seem to be blending together.  They almost all look the same.  Then you have the “zoo” obsession as one of my close friends from New York stated a few days ago in our whatsapp chat.  I like many others, prefer not to wear anything with eyes on it.  Some of the kurtas look amazing.


I’ve almost stopped breathing because I’m so excited to have found an amazing kurta, when low and behold, my eyes start to focus again, and there butterflies, flamingos, oriental people, parrots, birds, beetles, etc on it.  Then I put it back with a heavy heart because I won’t wear anything that won’t allow me to pray wearing it. That means, “NO FACES PEOPLE!!!”  They are everywhere!  One has to be very careful in thoroughly searching the ENTIRE kurta/loose material, because you may not see it at first, but more than 75% of the time, SOMETHING IS LOOKING BACK AT YOU!  I feel its best to bring someone along, since at first glance you over look it and get excited.  You need someone to burst that bubble and bring you back to reality.


My post this week is about the lawn exhibitions.  The private launches, the pre-launches.  I feel depressed about this whole trend that seems to have caught on to every designer/textile house.  When did it become okay to make us women act like animals grabbing suits like there was no tomorrow? When did it become okay to make us crazy with anticipation on getting to the shop early so we could run in and take hold of an outfit that we will happily wear only 1 season.  What happened to printing out suits for the masses.  We all wore them.  Gul Ahmed, Al-Karam!  They printed a design, sometimes in a few colours.  One would be able go to Saleem Fabrics and decide which color and bring it home to shrink it and decide on how to get it stitched.  You see, back then, we could have had the same design, but we always got it stitched differently.  We were unique.  


Now, the designs are printed once in bulk, laces, and millions of pieces are sold with it, but there is a catch. If you want to look amazing, you will have to put all those pieces together to copy the picture on the packet.  We all look like copies of one another.  Where is the fun in that.  To top that off, they are costing a ridiculously steep price.  Most women in Pakistan won’t be caught dead wearing it the following spring/summer season.  It usually ends up going to the maid or worn when doing household chores that make you sweat.  


I wish the designers would stop making us look like fools.  They say we do it to ourselves.  Yes, we do.  But we are not only to blame.  Everyone wants a nice outfit, everyone wants something different.  The long lines at pre-launches is embarrassing. The salesmen won’t even show you the booklet until it’s your turn to buy.  If you are going to the launch,  most of the designers, friends of designers, bloggers, fashionistas and magazine reporters all are wearing their outfits of choice.  


While the rest are waiting in line to get their fingers on one as well. I wish they would stop making us feel like if we don’t have that particular designer’s lawn outfit our wardrobe is not complete for the season.  Abroad, its only couture which is not mass produced, which people hardly buy everyday.  People are civilized when they are shopping for the new season.  But here, it’s a different story.

Maybe it’s time we stopped this trend ourselves.  

Maasi Saba


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