Kids are amazing. Alhumdulillah. They make you smile, they make you laugh, and then they make fun of you and laugh at you. Out of love, of course!

The other day, I was watching the movie “Burnt,” starring Bradley Cooper. (It was an okay movie. Watch it if you have spare time.) It was about a washed out chef trying to make his comeback and earn a 3rd Michelin Star. As I was watching the movie, my little one came and sat along side me. Thank goodness in that scene no foul language was spoken. The scene she watched was where they were preparing a meal for their restaurant. They made it look so easy. Cutting up vegetables with such precision. My little one, may Allah swt always protect her, says, “Momma, they are cooking just like you!” I stopped breathing for a few seconds, and remembered she wasn’t making fun of me, but felt that we cooked the same. Little does she know I’m just a mediocre cook. She said it twice with a smile. It made me feel so happy. Then a waitress was serving either green tea or coffee and again she said, “Look momma, they make keva just like you!” I gave her a kiss and said thank you and she she gave me a hug. Such sweet children we have. Their compliments are so much better then mens’!

But, there are other times, when they aren’t so sweet. Sometimes, this is because of age, experience, hormones, I don’t know. If you recall, I wasn’t brought up in Pakistan. Therefore my reading and writing skills of the Urdu language are next to nill. I can get by…sometimes. I was learning with my kids up until grade 1. Then too many toddlers in the house and too many distractions and I fell behind. With each kid! Khair, now they ra in middle school and I don’t understand most of their stories, poems, and homework for urdu class. Now I have to constantly hear, “You don’t know what that means?!,” or “I can’t believe you don’t know this word!” It’s frankly embarrassing. All my fault for not trying to learn my native tongue sooner. And the kids telling me I don’t know simple things! Those innocent faces have a way to insult those who carried them for 9 months, went through pains to bring them into this world, and have been dealing with sleepless nights, vomiting, tantrums, etc. As Stephanie Tanner would say, “How Rude!”

The reality is, they are right. I don’t know the urdu language well. Therefore I can not help them with their urdu homework. (Has its perks! One less subject for me to worry about.)

I guess it’s an awesome feeling to know something your parent’s don’t, and to know it with ease. I should be a good mother and just be happy and brush it off and let them have the moment. I should, shouldn’t i?….hmmm… I’ll think about it…for next time.

By Maasi Saba


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