Our blogiversary and some more good stuff! 

Hello friends, 

This is a little getting-in-touch post! As some of you might recall, we started Maasi is Trying last year in April and well, it has come a long long way since then. And it is you, our readers that we’re immensely thankful to, for giving our little brainchild a chance. So thank you! 🙂 We couldn’t have done anything without y’all! Also, we couldn’t manage to write anything on the day of our blogiversary, because life! 🙂

But we’re here now to pay our little gratitude to you, our lovely readers! 
PS: You must have noticed the things that have started happening on the page… after being silent for a couple of months or so (our bad!). We have a brand new profile picture for starters! Which is a tiny reminder of all the changes we have in store for you. Maasi is trying is in for a big time revamp. We’re aiming to give you more fashion news/tips, parenting tips/stories, life saving hacks, product/online store reviews, regular giveaways and a little insight on decor trends around the world. So a lot of exciting things in pipeline for you all.  There’s a lot happening at the headquarters of Maasi is Trying! 

All you have to do is bear with us and stay tuned! 🙂


The Maasis 


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