On long absences!

It’s been long, we know. Just checked our last post and it was published almost a year back. Yikes. Well, we have no excuse for abandoning our blog, just got extremely busy with our lives and unfortunately this little labour of love had to suffer.

But we have decided that the show must go on, for our readers sake. And we may have been out of sight but the blog has never been out of our minds. Hence, we are here again, and this time we are not going anywhere (fingers crossed).

For the time being it’s going to be Maasi Wajo and Maasi Saba who will be managing the blog mostly, since the other Maasis have a lot on their hands at the moment. That doesn’t mean you guys wont be seeing them at all, it’s just that it might be less frequent than you’d like.

So basically the main focus of our blog has always been on helping our desi stay at home moms find some sanity in this insane world. However, we do write about other mommy related stuff as well, from time to time.

We will be posting every Sunday starting from this week. We have officially launched our Instagram account as well, by the name @maasiistrying.

Please do go and follow it, it’s pretty cool!

So let’s sit back, relax and have fun again. The Maasis are back (once again) but hopefully (ahem) they are here to stay!


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