Step by step guide on how to make your own cactus garden!

I have been meaning to start gardening for as long as I can now remember. God only knows how many Pinterest boards (of course secret!) I have at the moment, that are related to gardening. One day I will, I might, or at least I’ll try (fingers crossed) but for now, let’s do what we can.

I came across my sister-in-law’s Instagram pictures the other day and I couldn’t help but ogle at the heaven she has managed to build up on the rooftop of her house. I mean, it’s absolutely magnificent, what she has managed in just under a couple of months!

cactus 1

Maasi is Trying talked to Mehreen Hussain to find out how to set up a cactus selection, if we are to do such a thing, with no experience whatsoever.

If a cactus garden features heavily in on your future gardening plans, then the following step by step guide by Mehreen Hussain will be more than useful to you guys!

MIT: Where does one get the cactus plants from in Lahore?

MH: I got the cactus plants from a nursery situated in Model-Town near F-block. These people have one of the largest ranges of cactus plants in Lahore as they import it from Thailand.



MIT: How difficult is it to get hold of these things for someone who has no exposure to gardening whatsoever?

MH: It will be difficult for someone who has little to no exposure but if you know what you want and want it bad enough, you will be able to do it. Of course, following this guide is a must.


MIT: Are there any things that you will need to get from the local market?

MH: Yeah definitely, I got pebbles, terracotta pots and marble crush from the local market to make cacti soil.



MIT: Okay, so now please tell us all on how to go about it!

MH: Well, to start off, get some old terracotta clay pots (anything will do), crush them into fine pieces, add coir and compost (khaad). Now mix to get the cacti soil. Remember, the mixture should be finely crushed.


cactus 3
Terracota pots (Should be finely crushed)


cactus 2


Sand/ fine marble crush (Any close by marble shop will guide you from where you can get marble crush).


cactus 4
Coir (hollow light weight airy stones)


Mix these ingredients up to get some beautiful cacti soil.


Material will look something like this after mixing.


You have to now get a glass pot and arrange layers of colourful marble, activated charcoal and cacti soil.


At the bottom of the glass jar, spread a layer of some colourful marble crush (gravel), it will make your jar look aesthetically strong. But make sure you don’t over do it.

Some people like topping it with activated charcoal as well. Both of these things are purely for decoration purposes. You can avoid both if you’re using a terracota pot.

Top layer should be of the cacti soil we made eaelier.


When you’re done layering, start arranging your cactus plants (that you got earlier from the nursery) in a way that they balance with each other, while using taller plants at the back and then gradually arranging shorter plants accordingly.

You can add any small characters it in order to make it look more pleasing . In the end just add fine marble crush or sand to give it a complete look of a cactus garden.



MIT: How often should cacti be watered?

MH: Cacti famously survive on little water, but if you want them to grow and flower they should actually be watered regularly during the growing season. Watering them thoroughly will help the roots make good contact with the new soil, and eventually will help them grow well.

Cactus and succulents are the plant which required very low maintenance. You just need to water them once a week to keep them healthy. But please do make sure you water the roots of plants only to avoid messing up your sand and composition.





Okay ladies, so we do hope this little guide helps you in your quest of getting a beautiful cactus garden up and running!

Good luck! 🙂