Meet the Maasis

Let’s introduce ourselves to you. After all, you all deserve to know who the Maasis really are!

Maasi Saba:  I’m a mother of 4, 2 boys, and 2 girls; my ideal family! Lived abroad for 21 years before I got married and moved here. Still learning how to deal with servants and the infamous Pakistani lifestyle. Miss driving in peace, sbarro’s pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts bagels, Costco and home depot. But, i love the fact that everything is supposedly halal here, meeting family whenever i want, and all around good people in Lahore!

Maasi Wajo:  A mum to two adorable girls and a little boy, an accountant, a self confessed foodie and an eternal procrastinator, I have spent most of my life being excessively casual and “happy-go-lucky”. Since I have not been castigated for it yet, I plan to soldier on!

Maasi Javeria:  Hey there! I am from Lahore but have spent most part of my childhood in Jeddah.  I am a Mom of three, a teenage daughter, one pre-teen daughter and a 6 year old son, so yeah have a lot going in my household! I am the fun and optimistic type who’s trained herself into seeing the glass half full. So all you out there who are accustomed to seeing it half empty, I will try to show you the lighter side of life. I am here to help, to show you how to keep your cool under all circumstances, no matter how dire. See you around. Ciao!

Maasi Muna:  I’m a homemaker, teacher, mediator, manager…..& a mother of two beautiful & exuberant kids; a girl & a boy. I’m originally from Karachi, lived in the US for about ten years before returning to Lahore and I’m still learning & adjusting to the “Punjabi” lifestyle! Been a fun journey with its highs & lows. I love to read, travel & spend time with my loving husband.

Maasi Maryam:  So here’s Maasi Maryam, mum to a 4 month old boy, “meri jaan” and a full time homemaker! I’ve been born and brought up in the Middle East yup that’s where the camels are, spent a few good years in the UK to study and now i’ve settled down in Lahore. I love the authentic shaawarma, hummus, olives and pita bread with summore olive oil! Nope I don’t only love that, I have a love affair with good literature as well, any kind really. And if you think you know me now, it’s just the beginning guys! So hold on while we keep exploring Maasi Maryam!


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