Our blogiversary and some more good stuff! 

Hello friends, 

This is a little getting-in-touch post! As some of you might recall, we started Maasi is Trying last year in April and well, it has come a long long way since then. And it is you, our readers that we’re immensely thankful to, for giving our little brainchild a chance. So thank you! 🙂 We couldn’t have done anything without y’all! Also, we couldn’t manage to write anything on the day of our blogiversary, because life! 🙂

But we’re here now to pay our little gratitude to you, our lovely readers! 
PS: You must have noticed the things that have started happening on the page… after being silent for a couple of months or so (our bad!). We have a brand new profile picture for starters! Which is a tiny reminder of all the changes we have in store for you. Maasi is trying is in for a big time revamp. We’re aiming to give you more fashion news/tips, parenting tips/stories, life saving hacks, product/online store reviews, regular giveaways and a little insight on decor trends around the world. So a lot of exciting things in pipeline for you all.  There’s a lot happening at the headquarters of Maasi is Trying! 

All you have to do is bear with us and stay tuned! 🙂


The Maasis 


The Hiatus

thank-you-clothesline-752x483You must have noticed this blog’s eerie silence of late. Sigh. Well firstly, our sincerest apologies for not being able to regularly visit the blog. A lot has been up with the Maasis lately and as much as we’d like to be regular at this forum, one thing or the other comes up, always and it just slows us down. But that does not mean we have forgotten you and hopefully it’s the same at your end too.

Okay so we are back (hopefully… As you may have guessed there’s a lot of hope going on here, which is a good thing anyway!) And with any luck we won’t be going anywhere now. As you all know, this is a very young blog and we are in the process of learning ourselves; which means, we may make mistakes and we may not be able to blog as much as the “blogging guidelines” suggest or as much as we’d like to, but we are here and we are trying, we are going no where and hopefully we’ll be here for a very long time.

That said, thanks for reading our blog guys. We can’t even begin to express how much your readership means to us. I mean seriously, we wouldn’t be anywhere without your constant support even when we vanish for weeks. It’s seriously a lot of love and we love you too for putting up with us! J That is what makes us want to do more for you and to better the blog in such a manner that is infinitely more useful for you all.

We will try to be more regular from now on. We promise.

So, bear with us a little more. For Maasi is Trying is slowly evolving and needs a lot of support and love from you guys! Thanks for being here for us! We love you all 🙂