Five easy tricks to keep a cat and keep the house clean as well!

IMG_1705By Maasi Wajo

Anyone who knows me in real life knows about my (recently developed) obsession with cats. I was not born a cat lover; in fact I was never really inclined towards adopting a furry friend from ever since I can remember. Lazy people like yours truly would never want to be burdened with an added responsibility of looking after a pet as well. Oh but that changed one fine day, as I stumbled upon an article about how cats can help increase a writer’s concentration abilities. Can’t say how much they helped me in that respect but well, they certainly changed me as a person. They opened up my heart to a better, furrier and well, a happily messier world that I never thought I’d ever be able to endure this effortlessly before.


Which brings us to the topic of my post today. People often ask me how I manage the house whilst having two young kids and two cats around. Well, I use the following techniques, more or less. And I try to stick to them as much as I can. Can’t say my house is clean all the time but I try and incorporate these exercises as much as I can in my daily routine.

-Firstly, I use slipcovers on my sofa at all times. Only pull them off when I’m expecting very formal guests. Apart from that everyone knows that the slipcovers are there for a reason. They’ll eventually mean reduced maintenance for your sofas and considerably lesser headache for you. But even after taking all the necessary measures your sofas can start smelling like a cat shelter, in which case you can sprinkle a little baking soda or use Febreze (link) to freshen up the upholstery a bit.

FullSizeRender 8


-When you have cats, you can’t escape those little accidents, which will happen even though most of our furry pals are litter trained. To tackle this, I mix 1/8 of dish washing powder with a cup of water, blot the mess with a soft piece of cloth and then wash out the soap by wiping it with a combination of 1tb vinegar mixed with water. Stains can be taken out by gently rubbing the place with a paste of baking soda and a little water.


-I love my cats, I’m absolutely passionate about them but I simply cannot, bear the litter odour that unfortunately is a part and parcel of keeping these little cuties. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally found a solution to this little problem though. I’ve started using Thomas Litter that offsets odors before they even have a chance to dawdle. I’ve found this to be increasingly helpful!

FullSizeRender 7

-Muddy paw prints need to be dried first and then vacuumed. I’ve found it to be much easier that way. You can easily do away with the blot by rubbing the place with a mixture of warm water and a little dish washing liquid.


-I keep my litter box in my dressing room, where no one (apart from myself) ever goes, I regularly change litter (i.e. every day) and usually use litter liners to keep the litter box fresh and smelling clean. I wash the litter box with a dish washing liquid every other day and remove solids as frequently as possible.

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I do hope I helped someone in distress by listing these tips here tonight 🙂 Do try these little tips if you have a cat and let me know if it was any good. I’ll be waiting for your response!IMG_2139


The Benefits of Owning Clear Nail Polish!

IMG_0785By Maasi Saba & Maasi Sabrina

Maasi Saba here with Maasi Sabrina, sharing a simple hack with you all. We at times cry over our favorite hijaabs (scarves) being ripped or their threads coming out because of our safety pins. We both have little girls who are in our laps or constantly want to be held, and this can be a problem with our hijaabs (scarves). They get tugged at, and at times move around our head, because of all “our” movements. To find that perfect shade, or print to brighten up your outfit, and sometimes your mood is not easy. Finding scarves that stay put is also not an easy task. So we take great pride in taking care of our scarves, many we have had even before we got married. Maasi Sabrina has found a wonderful and cheap solution to our woes. Thanks my dear. She has also found other uses for this little hack. I guess at the age of 36, its about time i finally bought my first bottle of nail polish.  (What would Abu say Sabrina!) So enjoy ladies, and I hope this helps some of you. 

I’ll let Maasi Sabrina explain it to you now!

Salaam ladies!

I’ve been  going a bit crazy over all my pretty hijaabs getting ruined lately due to one reason or another. The main culprit?…are my ghetto safety pins. I know, I know, most people use the large pins that are actually meant for hijaabs, but they feel too big for me. I finally found a solution for my problem. IMG_0786

It’s such a simple hack that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! I blame it on my mommy brain! Lol. So back to my hack! I seal the end of the safety pin towards the back where the circle is formed with clear nail polish! How easy is that. One coat for both sides should do the trick. Yes you can use any color you have but there are so many other great hacks for the clear kind. 

Here are some other tips for your clear nail polish:

  • Smudge proof labels – These days everyone is trying to make their own labels; if they are for our spice jars, or our home gardens. Just use one coat and it’ll seal in ur label. No smudges!
  • Threading a needle – It’s so annoying to get thread through a needle, and if you’re a mother, you don’t want to waste time on threading a needle.
  • Keeping a button from falling off – You know how you put on a shirt or jacket and realize your sweet baby has turned your button around and around and now it’s unraveling? If you put a clear coat of the nail polish on the thread it will stop that process. So pretty much you won’t need hack number 2! GENIUS!
  • Seals envelope – I know most people don’t send mail anymore but for those of you in Pakistan who use envelopes for every occasion (our momma!), use nail polish instead of putting glue. Seals it right up!
  • Prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing – We wear a lot of costume jewelry these days but never realize how quickly they blacken. The clear coat helps it from blackening. And keeps them shining.
  • Stops laces and ropes from unraveling. That one doesn’t need any explanation. 

There are actually more things you can use the clear nail polish for, but I notice my post is crazy long already. Hope this helps!