What if we say ‘yes’?


As parents and especially as the mighty mothers, each one of us must have found many a moment in our lives when it is much more inevitable to say no to our children than the often scary, yes. Though it often does come to that after a couple of heart wrenching screams and some inevitable drama.

There are times however, where parents should say yes, even if we don’t want to, or if we have no time for anything at all.

I’m pretty sure that if we did something like that the sky wouldn’t fall down. Our children wouldn’t automatically become the worst behaved children in the world and wouldn’t start taking us for granted only because we had said ‘yes’ instead of the usually expected ‘no’.

You see, as mothers we have been conditioned to say ‘no’ to our children, often unintentionally when we find ourselves in the middle of something important, when there is a looming deadline over our head or the popular ‘I’m tired’ excuse (which is not an excuse ladies, I know but let’s just pretend for a moment only for the sake of this discussion!) I, for one, often find myself saying,

I’m really busy right now” or,

“Can we do this later? Mommy is a bit busy?”

“I’m making dinner, cant you see? We can do it some time else”.


But more often than not, that “later” doesn’t ever come. And time flies by and we keep turning down our kids demands and wishes and before we know it they’re all grown up and we don’t understand what happened to their childhood. Problem is that we don’t really enjoy their childhood when it’s actually happening. We get so busy living our everyday life that we forget that time never stands still— that our children will not remain children forever. So what if we say yes instead of no, next time our kids want us to do something for them, or take them somewhere or just be with them for a while. The little time that we give them brings so much light to their life; we can’t even begin to imagine that sort of happiness.

So I have decided that the next time my kids want me to do something for them, I will try not to listen to the ‘no’ in me and instead will just say ‘yes’. Because I know, in the heart of my hearts that I will never regret it.

The little hugs, the giggles, all those cartoon discussions, those hour late bed times, all those special moments with my kids. These are the things that life is all about. This is when life happens.

I’m sure I’ll not regret saying ‘yes’. I’m sure of that! 🙂

By Maasi Wajo



Some of My Favourite Quotes

IMG_0826By Maasi Muna

Hi all! I have always been a great fan of all sorts of inspirational quotes. Some, were emailed to me by my father when I was residing in the US, some I read in books and the one that inspires me the most, is scribbled on my bookmark. Reading them always made me wonder how profound life is. And they so easily convey the simple principles of life in a manner, which actually makes you pay attention to things, which would make you a better human being. The things we tend to forget in our daily grind and hustle bustle. I’m sharing a couple with you, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Life shrinks or Expands in proportion to one’s courage. IMG_0825

Life is froth and bubble

Two things stand like stone
Kindness in another’s trouble
Courage in your own

Explain your anger, don’t express it and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments.

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people.

This is all for tonight. But I’ll surely be back with more 🙂