To sugar or not to sugar

By Maasi Muna

My new year resolution which was to lose weight dawned onto me one fine day, I believe a little too late since the year was already half gone, but as the saying goes “better late then never”! Hence I decided to begin nonetheless and it’s mid-June and I am still going strong. I started out with my detox water which i wrote about a while back, and which is still working out great, but what to do with my sweet tooth?
Well, in order to curb my ever-increasing cravings I have started to binge on fruits like watermelon, plums, peaches and apricots. Summer does offer the best of fruit, hands down! It really has helped a lot with my cravings.

Everything seemed hunky dory and life finally started to move in the perfect direction but only for this one teensy problem. I just can’t possibly have unsweetened tea and tea is something I can’t possibly live without.

Brown sugar (Crystallised)
I decided to tackle this problem by started using brown sugar, readily available in grocery stores all around the country.

But as I was adjusting to brown sugar, a friend pointed out that there is not much difference between white & brown sugar and that I should use Gur (Urdu). Gur is a country-made sweetener boiled in open pans with minimum of molasses. It contains 50% sucrose & all the vitamins & minerals, which are not present in white & brown sugar.

GUR  (The traditional rock form sugar)
GUR (The traditional rock form sugar)
Shakhar (Urdu) is also a kind of brown sugar but with 86% sucrose & is found in powdered form. Brown sugar contains 86% sucrose but is crystallised. Personally, I like the taste of brown sugar, and Gur needs getting used to.

So all you lovely ladies out there start switching to brown sugar or shakhar and then gradually switch to Gur, which is the best there is! These are both so much better then white sugar, which has 99.9% sucrose. We owe ourselves to eat healthy & exercise regularly & also inculcate these healthy habits in our kids. It’s better to start young because the habits formed in childhood stay with us throughout our lives!