Another cup of tea please!


Happy weekend friends! This week has been awfully tough and the approaching weekend was the only one thought that made me muster up the courage to face the week. But glad its over (for now), Sunday is here and I can finally relax with my cup of tea and my laptop talking to all you guys. December just gets me immensely excited for so many things. Winter, holidays, happiness all around and an uninterrupted supply of tea when tea can really be enjoyed.

In this part of the world, we get an awfully long summer spell, which usually lasts till the end of November. Days get better usually by the mid of December, but our winter typically lasts till the beginning of March and it’s mild, not very cold. So yeah, we have all the reasons to celebrate the little winter that we get to have around here.

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I just had to show off my mug collection now!

Speaking of which, I am a huge fan of tea. Even our cruel summers cannot keep me from downing my 6 cups of tea in a day. But winter is when I enjoy it the most. There is something very warm about the whole tea experience, something that reminds me of home. Maybe that’s the only proper explanation that comes to mind. No surprises there since tea has been a staple drink in my life ever since I was a little girl. And now the obsession has gradually transferred on to my kids as well, since they cannot pass a day now without their morning and evening tea. There is honestly nothing better than a quiet evening at home lazing around with my favourite people having a cup (read cups) of tea, watching television. That’s what my depiction of heaven is!

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Anyway, I will now go get myself another cup of tea and then try to catch up on my reading. Sundays have never felt this good I tell you! Exam week again from tomorrow! Wish me luck. Also, end of 2015 is upon us, how have you all fared with this year and what are your plans for the coming holiday season? I’d love to hear from you guys.

Have a nice weekend guys (or whatever’s left of it!) 🙂

Maasi Wajo





Weekend Gateway!

With our busy lifestyle one looks forward to relaxing and de-stressing on the weekends. One of my favourite ways to relax is traveling…. 


PC Muzaffarabad, a 4 hour drive from Islamabad via Bhurban is one of the best options for a weekend getaway, especially of you’re looking for something not very far away from home. A relatively small but refined property perfect for large groups and families. Situated in the picturesque valley of Kashmir, it boasts a rustic ambience appropriate to its physical surroundings. The best part of this location is that one can take a day trip to numbers of local attractions, one being Pir Chinasi, a tourist spot on top of hills at an elevation of 2900m!


Another attraction is an hour trip to Chakothi, a border village on the bank of River Jhelum. One can also enjoy the different cuisines offered by PC overlooking the valley. Hence a peaceful & tranquil surrounding away from the riffraff.